Deliverable Responsible Download (in pdf format)
1.1: Report on evolution of INERD and FUSEIS devices into the new DRDs NTUA
1.2: Report on design of case studies POLIMI
2.1: Report on calibration of numerical models for DRDs IST
2.2: Report on parametric studies of DRD systems NTUA
2.3: Report on Numerical models with simplified super-elements UNITN
3.1: Report on preliminary analysis for shaking table and hybrid test specimens UNITN
3.2: Report on calibration/validation studies of multi-storey buildings with DRDs made with software OpenSEES and D2LAB UNITN
3.3: Report on parametric studies of multi-storey buildings with DRDs UNITN
4.1: Report on experimental tests on DRD systems IST
4.2: Report on design of specimen POLIMI
4.3: Report on full scale shake table testing NTUA
4.4: Report on full scale hybrid tests UNITN
5.1: Design guidelines CSM SPA
5.2: Instructions for use SOFMAN
6.1: Report on worked examples POLIMI
6.2: Report on Life Cycle Assessment CSM SPA
7.1: State of the art report POLIMI