Work Package 1

The aim of WP1 is to optimize INERDpin and FUSEIS devices by producing a set of specific suggestions/modifications regarding the cross sections of the dissipative elements, their connection details, their combination into directions and the implications of such combination on the building response to a seismic input, as well as the improvement of their replaceability and self-centring characteristics.
One of the aims of the DISSIPABLE project is to improve the aforementioned dissipative systems by implementing design solutions and materials that are also in line with general industrial interests.
Selection of nine case studies and their design in accordance with existing EN rules and relevant Design Guides will be performed. Multi-storey structures will be designed with the number of storeys ranging between three and ten. Some of the case studies will be used as benchmark for the design of shake table and hybrid tests. A performance-based seismic design (PBSD) procedure and appropriate capacity design rules will be adopted to design the case studies, according to the provisions of Eurocode 8.