Work Package 5

In WP5 general design rules will be established, which will be based on the results of the experiments and the numerical analyses, in view of the industrial exploitation of the DRDs technology in the Construction Market for Seismic Areas. The conclusions from the experimental and numerical studies will be summarized and transferred to general design guidelines, which will be suitable for use in everyday engineering practice. Due to several risks arising from the design process of a multi-storey building equipped with DRDs, a validation of the DRD behaviour, by means of prototype testing at the component level, might be necessary when the designer needs to vary the size and geometry of the DRDs (covered in this project) beyond certain limits. Therefore, general design rules will contain a section dedicated to testing procedures for assistance to design, based on experience acquired within WP4.
A systematic assembly, removal, repair and reassembly procedures of the DRDs will be developed in order to facilitate their adoption and application in current practice. All the individual phases of assembly and disassembly of structural members and devices will be described in detail in order to facilitate a complete comprehension to external users.